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My connection to food

Since becoming aware of the food I eat and how it affects my overall health, I've become accustomed to seeking out and discovering different types of food to broaden my spectrum and making determinations on what food is and what it isn't. I've cut out so many things I used to eat over the course of my life (within the past 10 years or so) and have, in turn, come across so many surprisingly delightful foods that I either hadn't heard of before or I'd seen and just never tried before, and have acquired a taste for different things. With that being said, anyone who knows me knows that I'm big fan of real, natural food. Since I'm paying attention to what, how and when I eat, I know how my body feels after eating different things. I now realize that I have to consciously decide on what I'm going to put into my body for nourishment, whether it's a big meal or a snack. The above picture shows one of the things I like to make for myself when I don't want to do a lot of cooking but want to eat something nourishing (and oil-free): Jackfruit cooked with red onions and sweet peppers in some barbecue sauce, a little romaine and dandelion greens and avocado on a slice of ancient grains toast.

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