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Neem oil for your skin and hair!

Called by different names, including the Indian Lilac, Neem is a tree in the magohany family Meliaceae that is native to India and most countries in Africa. It is a traditional medicine that has been used as an insecticide and insect repellant. It reportedly has antiulcer and fungicidal properties. It has also been used to treat health issues such as diabetes and skin diseases.

This protective oil contains antioxidants, helps get rid of toxins and fights off infections. For the skin, it balances oil production, stimulates collagen formation, heals wounds and skin tissue from within, tones the skin, treats blackheads, moisturizes the skin, soothes and minimizes skin inflammation and can reduce post-acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It can also help protect the skin from damaging UV rays.

For the hair, Neem can strengthen hair follicles, promote hair growth & prevent baldness, condition dry hair, help with dandruff and itching, treat head lice and scalp infections with its high fatty acid content and prevent premature graying.

Origin: Nature has several natural skincare items (shown above) that contain healing and protective Neem oil - the unscented Restoring whipped body cleanse, the Sea Moss & Coconut Milk Liquid Castile body cleanse, the African Black Soap Shampoo, the Sea Moss Whipped body cleanse and body butter, and the updated Ginger, Clementine & Sage whipped body cleanse and body butter.

You can help heal your body using natural products that are handmade with plant-based ingredients. Skincare is just as important as any other aspect of selfcare! Be good to yourself!

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