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Sea Moss, for inside and out!

Sea Moss (also known as Irish Moss) has many benefits to overall health. It can be consumed daily, depending on your personal needs. Some of the benefits include improving blood sugar control and thyroid health, helping lower cholesterol and illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. It helps improve digestion and increase nutrient absorption. Research has indicated that sea moss's omega-3 fatty acids can make up for what our diets are lacking. When it's blended into a gel, you can consume sea moss in different ways, like adding it to cold drinks like fruit smoothies or hot foods like chunky vegetable soup (my favorite when it's cold outside!).

What you may (or may not) know, though, is that Sea Moss is very beneficial when added to your skincare routine! Along with what it can do for the inside of our bodies, it it is hydrating, has anti-inflammatory properties, balances oil production and protects the barrier of the skin. It also has antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. It contains esentials like potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins K and A. Sea Moss can help your skin produce collagen and keratin, which help strengthen the skin and gives it the elasticiity it needs to prevent wrinkles. It's moisturizing, gives a natural glow and helps you maintain a healthy skin complexion.

Shown above are the handmade natural skincare items from Origin: Nature, made with Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss. There is the Liquid African Black Soap, the Liquid Castile soap with Coconut milk, the Whipped Castile soap, and the Triple Whipped Body Butter. Go to the store page to check (and try) them all out!

Skincare is just as important as any other aspect of self-care, so get back to nature and Take Care of Yourself!

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