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Recently, I looked did some research on the Blood Type Diet (out of curiosity) and came to a very interesting conclusion: a lot of the foods that I actually LOVED are not beneficial to my overall health. On the list of things that I and other people with my blood type need to avoid is tomatoes. I grew up eating tomatoes in just about everything I ate! Since finding this out, though, I came to realize that I can switch tomatoes for tomatillos, which is a great thing for me. I love the way they taste and I can use them as a replacement in all the dishes I would usually cook with tomatoes. Some of the benefits of eating tomatillos are: they are high in fiber and they contain good amounts of niacin, potassium and Vitamins C and K. They have healthy amounts of iron, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. they can help with weight loss, boosting the immune system, improving vision, lowering blood pressure, boosting energy levels and preventing cancer. Try them if you haven't already. You might just like them!

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